Base Analytics is Privacy focused Google Analytics alternative

With Base Analytics, website tracking adopts a completely anonymous approach, striking a balance between user privacy and actionable insights for website owners. Unlike many other tools, Base Analytics consciously avoids setting cookies or collecting any form of personal data from users. Instead, it focuses on gathering aggregate data, providing a holistic yet non-intrusive view of site activity.


For website owners, this method offers a treasure trove of data, essential for refining user experiences, optimizing site elements, and making informed decisions for improvement. Meanwhile, visitors can seamlessly engage with the website content, assured of their privacy and uninterrupted browsing experience. It’s a win-win: site owners gain meaningful insights without compromising the trust and comfort of their users.

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Base Analytics is web analytics with lightweight and advanced options. No cookies and fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and PECR. It gives all control to the website owner.

Minimal Data Collection with Base Analytics

At Base Analytics, we champion the principle of collecting minimal data. Our focus is on gathering only the most vital data points, leaving all extraneous metrics behind.


Contrasting this approach with industry giants like Google Analytics, which offer hundreds of varying reports encompassing countless metrics, reveals a stark difference. Such expansive data capture often trespasses user privacy boundaries and becomes an overwhelming repository for the average website proprietor.


In our commitment to simplicity and efficiency, every metric we gather is displayed on a singular, concise page. However, the benefits of this restrained approach extend beyond just ensuring user privacy. Base Analytics stands out as an easy-to-grasp tool, with its user interface designed for clarity. Plus, being 45 times more lightweight than Google Analytics, it ensures your website remains agile, enhancing loading times and contributing to a reduced digital carbon footprint.

Prioritizing Privacy in Base Analytics

Base Analytics goes above and beyond to ensure user data remains private. With our Lightweight mode, there’s a staunch policy against tracking, collecting, or storing any personal data or identifiable details.

Data Presented Holistically with Base Analytics

Base Analytics is centered on capturing broader trends in website traffic rather than monitoring individual visitors, especially in our Lightweight mode. We’re deeply committed to the privacy of your site’s visitors; hence, we refrain from tracking specific user behaviors. Instead, we provide a holistic view with data that is solely aggregated.

Base Analytics Data Collection

Device Isolation: Base Analytics strictly keeps data limited to individual devices. There’s no mechanism to ascertain if a visitor accesses a site from multiple devices.


Website-specific Monitoring: Our focus remains on a singular website at a time. We ensure that no individual is tracked across different websites or applications they engage with.


Daily Data Segmentation: Each day is treated as an independent data set. Base Analytics does not identify if the same visitor returns to the site on subsequent days.

Cookie-Free Approach with Lightweight Mode

Instead of employing persistent identifiers, we utilize a randomly generated alphanumeric string to gauge unique website visitors. Importantly, this string undergoes a reset daily.


Our approach aligns seamlessly with established cookie laws and privacy statutes, including GDPR and PECR.


By steering clear of cookies, there’s no necessity to seek consent from visitors for data storage or retrieval from their devices. It simplifies the user experience, eliminating potential disruptions or concerns for your audience.

You 100% own your website data

With Base Analytics, you retain full ownership and command over every piece of your website data. While using our cloud-hosted service, your analytics data resides on our server. However, the reins are entirely in your hands, ensuring you hold exclusive rights to all your data.


Feel free to erase any data we’ve accumulated about your website whenever you wish. Moreover, with our White Label self-hosting option, you can keep all analytics data on your server, giving you undivided control and possession.

Privacy-friendly Lightweight mode

The above privacy options are only available in Lightweight mode. You can set up completely privacy-oriented web analytics on your site by using the Lightweight mode of Base Analytics.

“I like the ease of use, the privacy and the ability to access the data we want to analyze.”

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“I love being able to access the data I need without spending hours learning how to use it the most.”

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