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You can easily access your site’s traffic data without sifting through intricate menus or generating custom reports. Base showcases all the critical website statistics on a singular page. Dive in for a more detailed look.

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What Exactly Are Web Analytics?

Web analytics can be understood as the systematic approach to gathering, measuring, and interpreting data related to website traffic and user behavior. This crucial digital practice allows website owners and digital marketers to gain a deeper understanding of their site’s performance. By leveraging the insights derived from web analytics, one can not only identify the strengths and weaknesses of their website but also make informed decisions to enhance the user experience and overall site effectiveness.

Understanding Google Analytics: Meets Complexity

Google Analytics dominates the landscape of web analytics tools, with its presence on a staggering 85% of websites that employ recognized analytics services. Its widespread adoption is undeniable, but its user-friendly quotient is debatable.


Upon logging into Google Analytics, users are immediately greeted with a densely packed dashboard overflowing with analytics metrics. The navigation panel to the left unfolds into ten primary sections. Delving deeper, these ten expand into over 40 subsections.


Dig a bit further, and over half of these subsections branch out into additional options, culminating in over 85 distinct reports. Summing up, the left navigation panel of Google Analytics offers a bewildering array of more than 125 report options, accounting for a combined total of over 290 individual metrics.


Mastering this extensive tool demands dedication, expertise, and continuous learning. Given its expansive nature, many users find themselves crafting custom dashboards, cherry-picking widgets that offer actionable insights, and sidelining the overwhelming majority of metrics on offer. In fact, many get daunted by the sheer volume and complexity, leading them to bypass vast portions of what Google Analytics provides.


At its core, Google Analytics is an intricate, data-rich platform necessitating proper training for effective utilization. While it captures an extensive range of data points, the average user often taps into just a small segment of its potential.

Its all-encompassing approach may be deemed excessive by many website proprietors, prompting the creation of alternatives like Base. We designed Base as a streamlined alternative to Google Analytics, prioritizing user-friendliness and actionable insights.

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