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Crafted with European privacy laws at its core, Base Analytics offers a solution that prioritizes full compliance. Our intelligent routing technology ensures that our script loads with a speed advantage, up to 50% quicker than some EU-only infrastructures.


Though our base isn’t in the EU, adhering to its privacy regulations remains paramount to our mission.

Our commitment to compliance is evident in our collaborations with esteemed legal professionals and attorneys throughout Europe. With the recent legal standing of Google Analytics in the EU, it becomes even more crucial to opt for analytics tools like ours that respect and adhere to GDPR regulations.


Google Analytics alternative

Base Analytics is web analytics with lightweight and advanced options. No cookies and fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and PECR. It gives all control to the website owner.

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“I like the ease of use, the privacy and the ability to access the data we want to analyze.”

Yaren from House of Silk

“We can access all the data we need with a few clicks without wasting time with other tedious analytics interfaces.”

Hakan from Casa Residence

“I love being able to access the data I need without spending hours learning how to use it the most.”

Furkan from TAPP Water

Everything at just a glance

Base Analytics, contains all the details you need to know how your traffic looks and evolves.

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Lightweight mode

Base Analytics even has a lightweight mode that fulfills the basic tracking needs while extremely fast.

Lightweight Tracking


Privacy Focused

With Base Analytics, website tracking adopts a completely anonymous approach, striking a balance between user privacy and actionable insights for website owners. Unlike many other tools, Base Analytics consciously avoids setting cookies or collecting any form of personal data from users. Instead, it focuses on gathering aggregate data, providing a holistic yet non-intrusive view of site activity.

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