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Collecting zero data isn’t a practical option for an analytics platform, but excessive data collection isn’t either. Unlike other analytics solutions that gather more data than you’ll ever need, we focus only on what’s truly essential for basic analytics. Let’s break down what information we collect from your visitors and what we consciously choose to leave out.

What we collect

The privacy of your website visitors is a top priority for us. That’s why we’ve developed a ‘lightweight mode,’ designed to minimize data tracking technologies. This includes not only cookies, which can follow users across multiple pages or websites, but also other methods like local storage, session cookies, fingerprinting, and IP address hashing. In lightweight mode, we sidestep these technologies to maintain a respectful user experience.


Find out which pages your visitors visit on your site, as well as landing page data.


Follow the websites, social media channels and search engines that are sending you traffic.


Follow the countries and city breakdowns of the site visitors with the world map.

Operating Systems

Find out if your website visitors are using OS X, iOS or Windows.


Find out if your visitors view your site most from mobile or desktop.

Browsers & Languages

Follow the browser and browser language information of the people who visit your website separately.

Screen Resolutions

Find out the screen resolution your visitors are using when they visit your site.


Track how much traffic you get from which campaign with UTMs.

Goals Tracking

Track different goals like button clicks, downloads, specific page visits.


Lightweight mode

Base Analytics even has a lightweight mode that fulfills the basic tracking needs while extremely fast.

Lightweight Tracking

Everything at just a glance

Base Analytics, contains all the details you need to know how your traffic looks and evolves.

Base Analytics Dashboard Widgets


Privacy Focused

With Base Analytics, website tracking adopts a completely anonymous approach, striking a balance between user privacy and actionable insights for website owners. Unlike many other tools, Base Analytics consciously avoids setting cookies or collecting any form of personal data from users. Instead, it focuses on gathering aggregate data, providing a holistic yet non-intrusive view of site activity.


Base experience

Avoid the clutter and don’t spend hours understanding the dashboard, just get the data you want to analyze with a few clicks.

Base Analytics

works on any website

Works on any type of website

WordPress, Shopify, Magento, ClickFunnels, WooCommerce, Wix & more. Base Analytics works well with any type of website.

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