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100% data ownership. All the tracked data will be fully owned by you and stored on your servers.

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Analytics setup

Setting up the server where your data will be located.

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Trusted by companies of all sizes

“I like the ease of use, the privacy and the ability to access the data we want to analyze.”

Yaren from House of Silk

“We can access all the data we need with a few clicks without wasting time with other tedious analytics interfaces.”

Hakan from Casa Residence

“I love being able to access the data I need without spending hours learning how to use it the most.”

Furkan from TAPP Water

Everything at just a glance

Base Analytics, contains all the details you need to know how your traffic looks and evolves.

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Base experience

Avoid the clutter and don’t spend hours understanding the dashboard, just get the data you want to analyze with a few clicks.

Base Analytics


Privacy Focused

With Base Analytics, website tracking adopts a completely anonymous approach, striking a balance between user privacy and actionable insights for website owners. Unlike many other tools, Base Analytics consciously avoids setting cookies or collecting any form of personal data from users. Instead, it focuses on gathering aggregate data, providing a holistic yet non-intrusive view of site activity.

works on any website

Works on any type of website

WordPress, Shopify, Magento, ClickFunnels, WooCommerce, Wix & more. Base Analytics works well with any type of website.

Base Analytics Integration

all-in-one web analytics

Advanced tracking

Base Analytics allows you to go deeper with the Advanced mode it offers alongside the privacy-friendly mode. Understand your visitors and generate new insights.

Base Analytics Visitors

Understand your visitors

Make sure everything is going well by evaluating visitor behavior and actions with Advanced mode.

Analyze all their past sessions

Including the flow of the visited pages and their actions

Identify your visitors

Integration to link your customers with the tracked sessions

View and get details of all the visitors

The easiest way to understand visitors

Base Analytics Heatmaps


Understand what your visitors react to and click on your website on which devices.